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The first machine labeled a BOB-CAT® was actually a commercial snow-thrower built by Wisconsin MarineBobcat Turf Equipment, Zero Turn Company in Lake Mills, Wisconsin. But it established the sterling reputation that continues through today's industry-leading mower lineup. Since the 1950s, the BOB-CAT® brand has stood for extremely durable, high-quality products.

From the first 21" commercial mowers introduced in the 1970s to the variable speed walk-behinds and zero-turn riding mowers to follow, BOB-CAT® continued to cut through the competition with performance and reliability customers could count on. BOB-CAT® moved to Johnson Creek in 1979, and a variety of new products were developed throughout the 1980s, including many for a Golf Products Division.

The 1990s represented a renaissance for BOB-CAT®. A new mower called the ZT200 would be the predecessor to the current Predator-Pro and ProCat models. A resurgence in sales and interest followed, culminating in the sale of the BOB-CAT® brand to Textron, which in turn sold the commercial mowing and turf care businesses in 2006. A new company called Schiller Grounds Care, Inc., was formed, dedicated to producing the highest quality commercial equipment for landscape professionals and residential customers.

BOB-CAT® has a strong heritage of being built by American hands for over 40 years. Our elite, highly experienced product development team has 30+ average years of experience at BOB-CAT® and in the commercial mower industry.

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